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I remain concerned about the fact that this small size of the units are for Men only. Adding to this issue is very little outside space on the property to allow them fresh air which means they will be causing social issues in the neighborhood. Which coupled with no treatment options in the building is a disaster waiting to happen.

Now when we learn of the design coupled with the sky train project and the large congestion of people without city planning … scary and stressful. Feels like this neighborhood will be under siege. The City did not even consult with the Police on this SRO plan. We need housing but a mixture of men, women and children etc that could use a sound community to support their needs not just homeless men. Infringing on man peoples human rights !!!

Ghastly and un-democratic of our city to push their agenda in our neighborhood regardless of the non confidence vote and the legal pushback

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This analysis is an essential read. Well researched and balanced, yet I can feel the writer’s frustration at what is increasingly a travesty of planning, urban design and municipal law. Thank you for your words!

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