I was amused while reading this and thoroughly disgusted at the same time. City Hall needs a clean sweep.

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Green Cllr Wiebe earns $96,000 and up as a Cllr.

He s also the owner of Vancouver's Eight ½ Restaurant, as well as an investor in the Portside Pub, and has been investigated for non declaration of Conflict of Interest related to those businesses.

Wiebe's Eight ½ Restaurant was one of the first 14 businesses to receive temporary patio permits from the city. (literally days after).

Yet Wiebe seeks to offload his troublesome step-brother onto the supportive housing community.

He even declares that this same brother had been rendered homeless, bc of starting fires in DTES.

The supportive housing building planned for Arbutus/7th in front of an elementary school, he said, would be great for his brother bc then he would live close to Wiebe.

(Without Wiebe disbursing a cent.)

Talk about City Hall being your own private piggy bank.

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